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Everlasting Rhubarb & Custard Scented Diffuser

Everlasting Rhubarb & Custard Scented Diffuser


100ml Rhubard & Custard scented diffuser with dried flowers in an eco friendly base.

A vibrant, fruity aromatic scent, our Rhubarb & Custard Diffuser is instant sweetness. Be transported to picking fruit on a bright summers' day - this juicy fragrance effortlessly balances sweet and tart scents.


Our reed diffusers are very simply to use. Remove the metal screw cap, pop out the white safety tab, and screw the decorative screw cap back onto the bottle. Immerse your reeds into the liquid and allow them to soak up the oil. Once they have absorbed some of the oil, flip them to begin the release of the scented home fragrance. On average, 100ml diffusers should last 3-6 months, however, it’s lifespan can be affected by things such as central heating, air conditioning, open and closed doors and dehumidifiers. For optimum scent throw, place at head height and in a small room or entryway. You'll need to flip your reeds regularly, we suggest every few days, to keep the scent fresh and fragrant. Keep in mind that the more your flip, the quicker the oil will evaporate. Once the oil has diffused you can refill the bottle with one of our 100ml refills or simply keep the flowers in the bottle as a beautiful arrangement.

Please make sure that the diffuser oil is not poured on a polished surface as it can tarnish and strip paint and polish


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